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Planting Planting is the live aspect of landscaping that adds color, greenery and beauty to outdoor spaces around your home. Bill Baff Landscape has years of experience with creating outdoor areas that are green, attractive and welcoming. Over time, many homeowners in and Prichard, Fairhope and Mobile keep coming back to us to add to the plantings on their property. Our expertise in this space gives us a definite edge over any other landscaping contractors in and around Theodore, AL.

When a landscape is being created, it is a lot more than just planting different trees and plants on the property. A lot of planning and designing concepts go into this. For instance, we always ensure that the planting on your property will have similar watering needs. This means that you will be able to maintain the area more effectively and keep all the plants and shrubs watered-well. Designing the irrigation and sprinkler system also becomes easier.

Types of Planting

Once we have understood what your specific likes and dislikes are, we then create landscape designs that incorporate suitable planting. Based on the layout of the land, climatic condition, the architecture of the house and the colors you prefer, we will add:

  • Trees - These tend to be the tallest planting in the landscape. They add ornamental value and shade to your property and also help in maintaining equilibrium in the temperature and keep the landscape looking fresh and green. If you like a perennial green look, we can plant evergreen trees which have foliage right round the year and will have only mild shedding of leaves. Every tree grows differently and its final shape could ne oval, round, pyramidal, weeping or columnar. If you like fruit growing trees, we can add those as well. In more busy localities, trees can be used as privacy fences too.

  • Palms - These plants cover much larger areas, have a very swaying structure and stay green right round the year. These are not flowering plants but the greenery they add keeps your garden looking attractive regardless of what the season is. This creates balance in the landscape and just as you have palms that grow upto 4-5 feet in height, the bottle palms can grow up to 15 feet in height and are almost like trees. They too can provide shade and privacy to your home.

  • Shrubs - These are like small trees, display many stems and generally do not grow above 15 feet in height. Shrubs tend to take on very specific growing habits and will grow in a spreading, upright, cascading or mounding manner. When we choose shrubs for your garden or yard, we take the overall design into consideration and choose all the planting with care.

The Green Touch

We also add flowering plants as required and all our planting material comes from certified nurseries. The quality of this material is what ensures that your garden will remain green and free of any kind of plant infestation. The turf is also chosen with a great deal of care, we work on very affordable budgets and keep the maintenance aspect in view at all times. Call Bill Baff Landscape on 251-973-9055 for all your planting needs.
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