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Drainage When you have a lovely garden or yard, you have to ensure that it is maintained well. But if you find that your landscaping is covered with puddles or your flower beds are flooded with water whenever there is a shower, it can be extremely annoying. In addition, it can cause a great deal of damage to the plants and turf as well as to the foundation of your house. The one way of solving all these problems is to call Bill Baff Landscape.

Our expertise in landscaping and all the allied services ensures that when we handle drainage work on your property, you will not have to deal with any flooding or puddles. If we have handled your entire landscaping project, the designing of the drainage in these areas is planned in great detail. But we can also fix all existing drainage problems for you. Depending on the exact issue, there are different solutions that we might consider:

Grading the Property Right

In most cases, where there are drainage issues, grading the property appropriately can solve the problem. Once you contact us, we assess the situation, survey the area and then provide you with the most suitable solution. In most cases, it’s a combination of solutions that solve the issue you are facing.

If a drain has to be installed, there are a number of solutions that can draw all the excess water away from the landscaping. Most of these solutions can be easily concealed and are easy to install. We have successfully installed a number of drainage systems in homes across Mobile, Prichard and Fairhope and the surrounding areas. Let’s take a look at the different types of drains that are available:

  • Area Drains - Most areas drains are made up of a simple drain that is connected to an underground pipe. These are an ideal solution for low-lying areas or if there is constant flooding in your garden/yard when it rains. These drains move the accumulated water from your property into the common street drainage system and protect your landscaping and home from damage.

  • Channel Drains - Installing channel drains is one of the best ways to protect your garden or lawn from patio runoff. These long channel-like drains can be installed on a sidewalk or any other concrete surface and the water gets directed into the pipes that are underneath the surface, away from your home. Typically, these drains are installed in pool areas to prevent the surrounding lawn from getting flooded.

  • French Drains - These are an ideal solution for facilitating drainage of any raised landscaping or planters. This drain is wrapped in landscape fabric and then covered with rock. This prevents the soil and roots of plants from clogging all the drains.

Apart from all these drains, we might also install gutters or foundation drains as required. The objective of all this installation is to direct the water away from your property. Do not let all your effort and money go down the drain. For all types of expert drainage solutions, in and around Theodore, AL, call Bill Baff Landscape on 251-973-9055.

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