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Landscape Design Mobile, AL

Landscape Design Mobile, AL Landscape design is a fine art that requires trained eyes and highly creative mind to ensure success. And here at Bill Baff Landscape, Inc., we take pride in our tradition of creating extraordinary designs that are the bases of breathtaking landscapes in Mobile, Theodore, and Grand Bay.

Excellent Landscape Design = Great Landscape

To date, we have successfully completed several dozens of design projects for property owners in areas across Gulf Coast. And what separates us from other landscape design companies is our ability to use our extensive design experience to perfectly capture our clients’ ideas and fuse them with our own. The results are landscapes that stand out in both beauty and functionality which serve as a source of pride to our clients.

Our Landscape Design Process

At Bill Baff Landscape, Inc., we have always observed open and constant communication with our valued clients when handling landscape design projects. From the positioning of landscape amenities to the specific elements, such as hardscapes and water/fire features, we give clients freedom to decide.

Throughout the design process, we constantly update our clients and welcome design changes. Our goal is to ensure their total satisfaction with our work, so we make sure that we listen to all their desires and needs. Ultimately, our design process guarantees landscapes that are stunning in many ways.

Modern Landscape Design Tools

While we have perfected hand-drawn landscape designs, we also use modern design tools such as 3D software. Such tools allow us to create stunning landscape designs with exceptional details and pinpoint accuracy. 3D software also lets us make quick changes even late into the design phase. This, in turn, ensures that we never miss any detail that clients need and guarantees that all potential installation problems are prevented.

Our Landscape Design Services

Landscape Design Mobile, AL Through the years, clients in Mobile, AL have benefited greatly from our offered landscape design services. We handle design concerns of residential and commercial property owners in the areas we serve – hotels, private residences, diners, offices, large estates, and many others. We also design public parks and residential communities.

The great thing about the design services that we provide is how competitively priced they are. In fact, we offer the best rates in the industry given our solid credentials and track record.

Landscape Design Elements

Our approach to creating landscape design plans has always been a holistic one. This means adding all possible design elements to guarantee landscapes that can fully address all our clients’ comfort and aesthetic needs. Specifically, we include the following elements and features:

  • Softscapes. We have an in-house plantings expert that can determine the best species of shrubs, trees, annuals, and perennials for your landscape. Our designers will cleverly add them to the design plan to create a beautiful and green outdoor area.

  • Fire features. It’s important to have at least one fire feature outside one’s property, be it a fire pit, fireplace, or fire bowl. Accordingly, we include our clients’ desired fire amenities in the design proposals that we create for them.

  • Hardscapes. Hardscapes go hand in hand with softscapes to achieve a balanced landscape. As such, we can include provisions for walkways, decks, patios, and sitting walls in our designs.

  • Water amenities. Pools, fountains, ponds, or waterfalls – pick from any of these water features, and we will include your choice in the design plan.

Please call 251-973-9055 today. If you’re from Mobile or nearby city, we can surely offer you our professional landscape design services.
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