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IrrigationAny landscaping is a combination of hardscaping, softscaping, water features and some other elements. But these are not the only important components of a landscape and irrigation and drainage are crucial too. When we handle any landscaping projects, elaborate irrigation systems are an intrinsic part of it. There have been instances wherein homeowners have asked us whether irrigation systems actually overuse water. The fact of the matter is that they make optimum use of water and thus save you this precious resource.

The Perfect Irrigation Solutions

Bill Baff Landscape has designed and installed irrigation systems for hundreds of homes in Mobile, Prichard and Fairhope and many other surrounding cities. We install the best systems and provide well-designed solutions based on the landscaping requirement and your specific budget. You are able to adjust the frequency as well as the quantity of water that has to be used. This could be based on the plantings you have as well as the changes in weather.

When you call us for your landscape irrigation needs, you will find that all the plants, shrubs, trees and lawns are watered appropriately and that there is no excessive water on any of the pathways or walkways. The systems that we install have timers which you can adjust based on the needs of the vegetation. Thus we provide you with the most environmentally sound irrigation systems that will keep your landscape well-watered right round the year.

Types of Systems

When we design irrigation systems for you, it is a mix and match of different solutions, all of which are economical, beneficial and definite water savers. They go a long way in bringing down your water bills. The different types of irrigation systems that we use on residential properties are:

  • Sprinklers - These are a boon for busy folk. It’s great to have a garden with a lawn and different kinds of plants and shrubs, but ensuring that they are well-watered right round the year can be a strain on your time and energy. But the latest sprinkler systems that we install are water-efficient and automated. You can time the watering schedule as per your requirement and your garden/ yard will get watered regardless of whether you are at home or not.

  • Drip Irrigation - this solution is ideal for all types of flower beds and plants, ornamentals, vegetable gardens and trees. The drip emitters deposit small quantities of water straight at the roots of the plants and trees.

  • Soaker Hoses - These features are not automated but are also quite efficient. The hoses have small perforations that weep water into the soil and can cover even very large landscapes/ gardens.

When Bill Baff Landscape installs a combination of these systems on your property, watering the area becomes simpler and faster. When you call us on (251) 937 9055 for installation of irrigation systems, a representative will visit your home. We will understand your specific requirements and provide you with a quote that fits your needs and budget and the installation will be carried out with efficiency and speed.

Areas We Service:
  • Fairhope, AL
  • Ocean Springs, MS
  • Gulfport, MS
  • Daphne, AL
  • Surrounding areas of Mobile, AL